Meet the Trainer



Shannon Langel with her personal dogs. (Left to right: Phoenix, Valkyrie, Rune and Sammy) – June 2019

Shannon was born and raised in South Florida and has always been passionate about animals. She moved to Orlando in 2004 after graduating from high school and in 2005 she turned her love for animals into a career by becoming a certified Pet Trainer. Shannon is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Canine Conditioning Coach and Stunt Dog Judge through Do More With Your Dog and is also an AKC CGC Evaluator. She teaches part-time at As the Tail Wags grooming salon in Oviedo, Florida.

Shannon enjoys keeping busy and works full time as a Registrar at a local college during the weekdays. She has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. She hopes to utilize her degree to tell stories from her dogs perspectives and also to write dog training books in order to help others and be more successful with their training. Currently she has a children’s book in the works of being published called, Rune Myth’s Adventures: A Tale of a Tail. To see more about the book click here.

In her down time, she spends it training her own four dogs. Valkyrie, Sammy, Phoenix and Rune. Valkyrie and Sammy currently hold Expert Trick Dog Titles. Phoenix has earned his Trick Dog Champion Title. Rune has earned her Trick Dog Champion Title, as well as, her Champion Stunt Dog Title.


Rune at TriDEx, March 2019, after earning her Novice, Open and Proven Stunt Dog Titles.


Shannon, Phoenix, Sammy and Valkyrie – June 2018

Shannon Langel with her dog Cesear – February 2017