Training Tools

This page will feature recommended training tools and where to find them. These are tools that I have personally tried and have had success with.


Sammy and Valkyrie on the Klimb by Blue-9 Pet Products

Blue-9 Pet Products has an amazing training tool called the Klimb. This is a tool that I utilize in my training classes because it elevates the dogs and gives them their own independent work space. I have seen it build confidence in dogs and it helps with correcting unwanted behaviors. This is also a good tool to teach your dog distance work. It is also utilized in Canine Conditioning. This product is very simple to build, easy to take a part and doesn’t require a lot of room to store. We will be utilizing these in class so, you’ll be able to try one out.


If you are interested in a Klimb, please speak with Kristie and she will assist you with your order. 



FitPAWS is another wonderful company. They have products to help with Canine Conditioning, Fitness and Rehabilitation. These tools help to strengthen your dogs core, limbs, range of motion, circulation and many other health benefits. The tools FitPAWS offers will help to teach your dog body awareness. It also builds confidence and improves behavior.

If you are interested in ordering FitPAWS products, please speak with Kristie and she will assist you with your order.