Trick Training Classes

Trick training isn’t just about learning some useless pet tricks. It’s about building a bond between you and your dog. It challenges your dog to think about the task(s) being asked of him/her and it also helps to build their confidence. This is a fun class that you and your dog will thoroughly enjoy.

Once you have completed this class you will have earned enough points to earn your title(s) through Do More With Your Dog!

There are five different levels of trick classes offered.

  • Novice
    • 15 points needed to earn title
  • Intermediate
    • Must have earned Novice title
    • 12 points needed to earn title
  • Advanced
    • Must have earned Intermediate title
    • 5 points needed to earn title
  • Expert
    • Must have earned Advanced title
    • 5 points need to earn title
  • Trick Dog Champion
    • Must have earned Expert title

Do More With Your Dog Trick List